Advice on Essay-Writing

"Walk over the rice-paper, Grasshopper ..."

“Sometimes the best performance is lost on the wrong audience.”
– Jack Kirby, Mr Miracle

I had a couple of questions
about the essay
I was hoping you’d clarify

I feel I covered
all these points
in the workshop yesterday
for the record, though

How formal does it
have to be?

not very formal
If I'm doing a poem
which isn’t based
on an anthology poem
can I substitute references to other texts?

How should I format
those references?

I'm only interested in discussion
of poems from the anthology
You don't need a reference
for them

My creative process in
coming up with this poem
was honestly not
two pages worth
so what's the minimum length
the essay should exceed?

2 pages

Do I have to include
an introduction
body & conclusion?
Lacking a thesis question
& points to argue
I'm finding this a difficult model
to follow

It just needs to make sense
What time on Friday
is this portfolio due?

when the office closes
I think that should be all for now
I would've asked earlier today
at the tutorial

but I totally forgot

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